Should, can, or is it possible for men and women to have opposite-sex friends without it being a threat to their committed, monogamous relationship?  Whether it’s boyfriend and girlfriend, fiancés, or husband and wife, can a man having a single, female friend be a problem? 

You ASKED for it, so we continued the conversation! In Part II, find out what MEN want women to know about opposite sex friends! We also recap the five signs that a friend may have a negative impact on your relationship and explain how and when we as WOMEN see that female friend as “not just friends”. 

What makes your eyes sparkle? What moves your heart? What gives you energy and causes you to move beyond existing or surviving to living and thriving?  Join me in this episode as we discuss how you define  Your “Plant Tag”.

And then, leave me a comment, I’d love to hear yours!

In this episode of STRT, I continue my interview with Relationship Coach & Author Colin Tate as we discuss the most dangerous type of man to be in a relationship with, The CEO.  Ladies, this is REAL Talk. We get down to the REAL, gritty, and honest truth about this type of man and the women who are impacted by him.

Relationship Coach, Colin Tate and author of “Is This Your Man”. talks to me about the six key types of men to avoid dating, marrying, or being in a relationship. In this episode, we talk about one of the primary types, “The BSer”. Wonder if you’ve ever dated one or if you’re in a relationship or married to one right now? Grab your girlfriends and your favorite beverage, and listen in to find out. You don’t want to miss this informative and enlightening episode! This is REAL talk!!!

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