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Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll find this site encouraging, informative, uplifting, enlightening, challenging, and even provocative(let’s face it not everyone is going to agree with everything all the time!)

 My name is Monique Muñoz and I’ve had the awesome opportunity to realize why I was put on this earth…and to be crazy enough to take a BIG leap of faith to make it happen!  

My Passion… 

I find the human psyche fascinating, love and relationships both amazing AND exacerbating, and I love helping people bridge the gap between who they are today and what they want to become.

I have a heart for and to work with women of all ages to help them relive their best and most authentic lives.

I’ve learned that major emotional transformations often happen in the midst or as a result of some of life’s most difficult times – but only if we tackle them head on, learn the lessons we’re intended to, and use them to help us grow. So, I walk alongside women to help use hose transitions and challenges as foundations, steps, and bridges to help them walk in their passions and realize their dreams.  

My Hope…

My hope is that I live my life and purpose in a way that positively impacts millions of women so that can walk in their purpose, live their absolute best lives, and they in turn help other women do the same! When I am finally laid to rest and my epitaph is written, I hope that I have helped to positively change the world, one amazing woman at a time!

My Background…

I am an author, speaker, Podcast host, Certified Life, and Relationship Coach and a Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) psychological practitioner. And I read… A LOT! I love reading, researching and finding out more about why we do what we do and how we grow as individuals  

My Life…

I am a mother of two amazing adult children (momma bragging rights), I became a widow at 38, I’ve been a techie for decades (yes, literally decades). I am a native of Washington state, I love to read, travel, listen to music, and if you can’t find me inland, you’ll find me somewhere on the beach near the ocean as often as I can! 

I am a native of Washington state, I love to read, travel, and listen to music; and if you can’t find me inland, you’ll find me somewhere near the ocean or on the beach! 

My book, BeeCause You Loved Me is available on Amazon.com and on iTunes

MBTI Certified Practitioner

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