Available Valentine’s Day 2019!


With our swipe left, swipe right dating climate, relationships have become more challenging than ever. Does he love me? Why won’t he commit? Will he marry me? These and so many other questions are being asked more than ever and finding a “good man” may seem to be downright impossible. 

In this book, I’ve mapped out the male relationship paradigm (The Ladder) in an effort to demystify the situation and enable us as women to take our power back!


Monique is a Certified Life Coach and Myers-Briggs Practitioner, and the host of Sister Talk, REAL Talk!

At the age of 38, Monique found herself widowed and “single” in a world that had significantly changed. It is through these life lessons while also leaning into her training, that she began to uncover some uncomfortable truths about men, this new world dating order, and about herself.

Those lessons helped shape the contents of this book and she writes in hopes to help all women understand and choose their journeys “with their eyes (and hearts) wide open.” 

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